Multiparameter datalogger COSTOF2

For surface or deep-water multi-parameter assessments

COSTOF2 is a one-of-a-kind multisensor datalogger developed jointly with Ifremer for surface or deep sea oceanographic purposes (down to 6000m). COSTOF2 can host numerous sensors with up to 12 sensors able to work simultaneously, supporting various protocols such as Ethernet or RS232/ 485/ 422. Get in touch with us for more information.


Marine Biology & Oceanography


Chemicophysical Assessment

Cabled coastal station SYSENSE

To monitor inshore works in real-time

Lying on the seabed of coastal waters, the multisensor station SYSENSE is capable of monitoring inshore works in real-time, displaying acoustic and water quality parameters at the surface. Underwater noise, salinity, turbidity or water depth indicate the impact that works have on local wildlife, in order to conduct them in a sustainable way.

RTSYS provides versatile software solutions (remote control and access to data, analysis report generation … ) to assist project leaders in their decision-making process.

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Harbor Works Monitoring


Marine Biology

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