Our passion for underwater acoustics and robotics drives our
daily action

  • Making the Sea a Safer Place

We strongly believe underwater acoustics is the right eliminating danger and naval mines or Navies ensuring security thanks to enhanced ASW capacities.

  • Protecting Wildlife

As anthropogenic sounds are amplified with the rise of maritime transport and offshore energies, we believe it is crucial to help marine biologists understand the impact of human activities on marine mammals and protected species in order to take remedial actions.

  • Constant Quality Control & Innovation

To reach our goals, RTSYS stands out from the crowd thanks to massive R&D investments to develop reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective products. We constantly strive to adapt to the latest social and environmental evolutions by adopting a stringent quality policy in the way we do our job. These efforts are rewarded by ISO 9001 accreditation renewal.


Developing high technology products requires testing on a daily basis and a strict quality policy.

Acoustic tests are performed in our lab on a daily basis to ensure the efficiency and reliability of our products.

Based in Lorient harbor in a former WWII submarine base, our sea test-base hosts two boats that are constantly used by our dedicated testing team for trials off the coast of Brittany, making sure our products are reliable and ready to face any kind of situation.

Consequently RTSYS devices are accredited by numerous organizations and institutions and comply with the most demanding standards and requirements.


RTSYS is composed of 4
Engineering Poles as follows:


Be it for real-time acoustic monitoring or acoustic signature acquisition and analysis, all devices developed by RTSYS come with self-made software offering  customers a complete and convenient user-experience.

Acoustic Signal Processing

Run by RTSYS SDA (Synchronous Data Acquisition) core technology, acoustic signal processing lies within every RTSYS product, from real-time underwater communication to active signal repeating. Our team of dedicated engineers has notably developed RTSYS own acoustic communication protocol.

Embedded Electronics

State-of-the art embedded electronics helps us enhance product efficiency thanks to SDA core technology whose low-energy consumption brings long-lasting endurance to every RTSYS device.

Underwater Mechanics & Robotics

Every one of our products is designed and manufactured at our French headquarters, from mechatronic design and hydrodynamics to weight optimization and payload integration resulting in lightweight, versatile devices.

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