Customizable μAUV NemoSens®

Easily extend your range

NemoSens® is a small, lightweight µAUV perfect for scientists and offshore companies in search of a modular ally. Easy to deploy at any time, payloads are simple to add while users can take full ownership of NemoSens® thanks to its open Linux architecture. NemoSens® offers long-lasting endurance (over 8 hours at 4 knots) and is easy to recover.

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2019 award

Water Quality Monitoring

NemoSens geared with a CTD probe

Unveil oceans chemicophysical parameters by covering wide areas with NemoSens various modular payloads such as a CTD probe.

Oceanographers and marine biologists love NemoSens for its easy use, its flexibility offered by its open architecture and its affordability.


Sonar Imagery

NemoSens with OEM side-scan sonar

OEM side-scan sonar can equip NemoSens and give accurate seabed imagery following close tracks navigation.

Seabed imagery provides valuable information to marine consultancy services suppliers when assessing a given zone.

Research & Oceanography

Marine Renewable Energies

Oil & Gas

marine biology
Marine renewable energy
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