Versatile AUV COMET-300

Empowering underwater exploration

COMET-300 is a state-of-the-art AUV featuring advanced navigation and detection capabilities. Keep an eye on COMET-300 from the surface thanks to its communication system capable of displaying real-time position and navigation data.

Several AUVs (up to 10) can operate as a swarm using Sparse-LBL localization while combing wide areas geared with side-scan sonars and diverse payloads.

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Sonar Imagery

Unknown shipwreck spotted with AUV
Shipwreck spotted with side-scan sonar

Geared with top-range side-scan sonars, Comet-300 AUV will be helpful during survey phases for rapid environmental assessment (REA), allowing localization of UXO or shipwreck lying on the seabed.

Comet-300 will accurately cover wide areas during up to 20 hours.


Water Quality Monitoring

Conducting chemicophysical survey

Easy to deploy from a small boat or rhib, Comet-300 will assess chemicophysical environment down to 300 meters depth.

Comet-300 AUV is able to host various payloads in its front section such as CTD probe, magnetometer, or any other type of sensors.

Research & Oceanography

Oil & Gas

marine biology
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