Connected stations

Connected stations


COSTOF2 is the latest generation of marine sensor data acquisition system designed by IFREMER and enabling long- term operation on any observation platform from
seabed to surface. COSTOF2 is sensor- oriented and provides :

  • Energy supply and control
  • Communication with the outside world
  • Measurement sequencing and local data storage
  • Precise time-stamping
  • Protection against biofouling

SYSENSE underwater acoustic recorder

Gathering several sensors and devices, the Subsea Station is a very modular solution for coastal surveys.

  • Seabed survey
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Benthos study
  • Coastal construction surveillance

EA-SDA software suite

RTsys offers a full software and tools suite for acousticians and nonacousticians to carry underwater noise analysis. It is compatible with all RTsys underwater listening systems :

  • RESEA (EA-SDA14)
  • SYLence
  • REMHY (BA-SDA14)
  • RUBHY (RB-SDA14)
  • TR-SDA14

Hydrophone sensors

RTsys proposes a wide range of hydrophone sensors compatible with their systems. RTsys can advise you to select the best hydrophone configaration adapted to your need.

  • Broadband hydrophones sensors
  • Low sensitive passive hydrophones
  • Below seastate zero hydrophones
  • 0800-123456 (24/7 Support Line)
  • 6701 Democracy Blvd, Suite 300, USA