Real-time systems

Real-time systems

REMHY (BA-SDA14 buoy)

Monitor underwater noise information up to 3 km distance.

  • 4 synchronized hydrophone inputs
  • Broadband : 3 Hz to 1000 kHz
  • Below seastate zero measurements
  • > 100 dB dynamic range and +/-0.2 dB calibration
  • Distant access from any PC via web interface

RUBHY (RB-SDA14 buoy)

Records and sends simultaneously underwater noise and displays in real-time noise information.

  • Radio link up to 10 km
  • Wi-Fi link up to 1,5 km
  • SEL and SPL real-time display
  • Remote access via a Web interface

TR-SDA14 suitcase recorder

TR-SDA14 is a suitcase recorder able to acquire up to 4 wideband hydrophones simultaneously. It accepts both passive and pre-amplified active hydrophones.

  • Emission
  • Reception
  • Quick deployment
  • Easy to use and collect dat

Hydrophones network

Sea bottom observatory using Fiber Optic hydrophone network.

  • Synchronisation of up to 72 hydrophones
  • Distributed acquisition
  • Real-time processing onshore

EA-SDA software suite

RTsys offers a full software and tools suite for acousticians and nonacousticians to carry underwater noise analysis. It is compatible with all RTsys underwater listening systems :

  • RESEA (EA-SDA14)
  • REMHY (BA-SDA14)
  • RUBHY (RB-SDA14)
  • TR-SDA14
  • 0800-123456 (24/7 Support Line)
  • 6701 Democracy Blvd, Suite 300, USA